Meet the developers of one of Chicago's earliest neighborhoods, Wicker Park, including sea captains, carpenters, merchants, bankers, laborers, teachers, clergy, real estate developers, and more.

Journey thru the 288 pages of Wicker Park from 1673 Thru 1929 and Walking Tour Guide, learning how one of Chicago's most unique communities evolved.

Economic and ethnic diversity permeated the area from the beginning. Unlike other Chicago communities, each ethnic group (Germans, Norwegians, Jews, Poles, and others) contributed to the community's fabric, creating structures and institutions that live on today.

"Thanks to the generosity of many, readers will have the opportunity to 'hear' the words of former residents and see many structures that no longer exist," explains author Elaine Coorens.

Over 460 structures, identified in the National Historic and Chicago Landmark districts of Wicker Park and Milwaukee Avenue are listed in the walking tour.



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